'The Simpsons' have predicted a lot throughout the years, but could a Texas secession actually happen?

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With everything going on at the border, talks of Texas seceding from the United States have started again. I have lived in Texas since 2007 and have been hearing about this since then. However, folks are now using a 2011 episode of 'The Simpsons' saying that they're predicting the future.


Season 23 Episode 9 "Holidays of Future Passed"

If you can believe it, this was going to be the series finale of The Simpsons. Showrunner Al Jean said that if contract negotiations didn't work out. This was meant to be the final episode of The Simpsons EVER. Which is crazy because the show is still running all these years later. The plot is simple. It's a Christmas episode where Bart and Lisa don't want to take a Christmas photo. They say no one will look at these photos later. Marge says they could have kids one day. Then Bart and Lisa say they will never have kids. We shoot to year 2041 and this happens.

Check Out the Independent Republic of Texas Below

The Texas part is at the very beginning of the clip above. That is actually a grown up Maggie trying to take a teleporter back to Springfield for Christmas. The man in front of her takes a teleporter to The Independent Republic of Texas.

Screenshot Courtesy of 20th Century Fox
Screenshot Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

I guess we will wait and see if this Simpsons prediction comes true. I guess we can also look forward to a New New York as well since the person boarding before the Texas person went there. Also remember that is the city that Futurama is set in.

20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox

So will the Simpsons get it right. Will we have the Independent Republic of Texas by 2041? Guess we wait and see.

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