You’re planning a night out with your friends, and perhaps it includes a few tasty adult beverages. With so many places to choose from, where do you go in Wichita Falls to find the best of the best? I’ve come up with a few ideas and enlisted the assistance of my colleagues, and we have the answer.

If you’re planning to try any of these drinks, please be responsible and have a designated driver or call a cab.

These drinks and locations are a starting point, but if you have any that you’d like to add, comment below!

  • Bloody Mary – Toby’s Bar

    If you’re feeling a little spicy, this is the place to be to get a Bloody Mary and Christine makes the best in town. Let her know how much fire you want it to have and she’ll hook you up with a very tasty beverage!

  • Margarita – On the Border

    If you’re looking for a margarita, look no further than On the Border. The Coronarita, also known as the Bottoms Up Margarita, can be made frozen or on the rocks. Your drink is delivered with a Coronita (small bottle of Corona), which you mix into the beverage as you’re drinking it.

  • Guinness – Iron Horse Pub

    In addition to great live music on the weekends, the Iron Horse offers the best Guinness in town. If you’re really feeling feisty you might even try an Irish Car Bomb, which utilizes the beer.

  • Bellini – Johnny Carino’s

    Seriously, you need to try this drink. It’s peach nectar, white wine, rum, and champagne swirled with Italian Sangria. It really hits the spot on a hot day, but any day is right for this delicious concoction. Pair it with the Italian nachos. Trust me.

  • Snickers Shot – The Office

    If you’re tired of the same boring shots every time you go out, give the Snickers shot a try. It’s sweet, tasty, and unlike anything you’ve had before! It’s also a nice drink to buy the ladies, since we like those sweet shots.

  • Red Draw – P2

    Beer, tomato juice, a salt rim, and a little fire. Not only is it a tasty drink on its own, it’s also said to be a good hangover cure. P2, also known as “The Deuce,” claims to be the birthplace of this drink, so if you’re going to drink a red draw, this is the place to be.

  • Mud Slide (Crib Slide) – Rib Crib

    The Rib Crib’s Crib Slide is like a mud slide, but better. After drinking it you may decide it’s the tastiest thing you’ve ever encountered. Served up similar to a milk shake, it contains alcohol but you would never know it. This is THE perfect dessert drink.

  • Fishbowl – Fat Albert’s

    In addition to the numerous pool tables, dart boards, and even a pinball machine, Fats is serving up a whopper of a fishbowl. Not only are they delicious, they’re also reasonably priced. Get one for yourself or share with your friends!

  • Whiskey – Whiskeyta

    Offering over 100 bourbon and scotch whiskeys, this bar boasts a comfortable atmosphere and staff that knows their whiskey. From a “neat” drink to an Old Fashioned, you have endless possibilities. Whiskeyta is a full service bar, so if you’re not into whiskey you’ll find something else to drink.

  • Big Beer – Parkway

    Not only do both Parkway locations serve up some of the best food in Wichita Falls, their frosty big beers are perfect for the beer lover. You may need two hands to drink it, but that won’t stop you from ordering another. Again I’d like to stress the importance of having a DD, especially after having a couple of these bad boys.

  • Blue Hawaiian – Eskimo Hut

    With so many signature combinations, it’s tough to pick just one drink from the Eskimo Hut. Whether you’re looking to try something new or stick with your favorite, this drive-thru offers up endless drink combinations.

  • Summer Brew – Water Hole

    Drew says that one of his favorite summer drinks is that of the Summer Brew. Most places don’t know what the drink is, but he states it is beer, vodka, and lemonade. Many places don’t carry lemonade, but he says the Water Hole made up this drink for him and a friend and it was divine!