You can learn a lot about people by what they’re searching for online. In Texas, a lot of people weren’t happy with their current living conditions last year, according to AT&T.

Using Google data, AT&T determined “should I move houses?” was the most popular “should I…” question Texans asked the search engine last year. Don’t worry, they’re not looking to drag up and leave Texas, just maybe find some new digs.

Admittedly, “should I move houses?” isn’t the most exciting of searches, but it tells me a lot of Texans got sick of their homes while quarantining.

Speaking of quarantining, “should I quarantine?” was the top search in 11 states, making it the most popular “should I…” search in the country. If that’s puzzling to you, you must’ve just awakened from a year-long coma.

Sticking with the quarantine thing, quarantining sucks when you have other people in the same home with you, but it’s gotta be extra sucky when you’re by yourself. I’m guessing that’s why “should I get a dog” was the most popular search in 7 states, including our neighboring states of Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Some of the other popular “should I…” searches were “…refinance,” “…delete Facebook,” “…by a house now,” and “…get tested for COVID,” among others.

There were a couple of head-scratchers on the list as well. For instance, Californians took to Google for advice on whether or not they should get back with their ex. While I’m no relationship expert, if it didn’t work the first time, it probably won’t work the second.

Oh yeah, and the majority people in New Jersey and Michigan weren’t sure if they should pop a blister. Don’t do it, bro. Just let that thing run its course.

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