Attention parents! Disney has yet again lied to your children, forcing them to accept a false reality that when they reach the real world will be slammed to the ground leaving their entire existence it question. Okay that may be a bit extreme, and technically if a movie is made up to amuse us is it conveying lies or just entertaining? Either way you know that movie Finding Nemo that your four year old has forced you to watch like a billion times? Well big surprise here, but that movie is full of mistakes.

For starters, fish can't talk. Second, if Nemo and his father Marlin were actual clown fish, they would have ended up staying home and having fishy sex. I know it's not the truth you want to here, but there's an interesting little fact that you may not know about clown fish (I didn't know either until today).

According to the website, baby clown fish are born as hermaphrodites, meaning they can choose whether they become male or female, depending on the current population of the area. The website also claims that if Marlin (Nemo's dad) had really lost his baby momma, HE would have turned into a dominate female. Which in turn means Nemo would then become a non-dominant male and he would mate with his father-turned-mother. Nature can be kind of gross. And what if Nemo's father was to die? Well, then Nemo would transform into the dominant female and seek out a mate.

While you may be thanking Disney for not making their movies realistically accurate, which would raise a TON of questions between you and your little one, there's no doubt a real life Finding Nemo would be a really interesting adventure for us mature enough to handle it.