The Facebook Marketplace. It's a glorious little spot on the internet where you can find anything you're looking for. From rims for your car to children's' clothes, there's something for everyone. Sometimes, though, you spot something that just makes you have to questions things.

A friend of mine passed the screenshot above to me. It had been posted to a group of funny Marketplace sales that she was a member of. Not only could someone in Wichita Falls purchase themselves a fully-functional large pet cage, they could get it for only $25! The cage showed some signs of wear and tear that seemed a bit out of the ordinary though.

This led me to say, "What was the previous owner using that cage for?" As I looked and wondered, my mind began to get a few thoughts. I came to the realization that there were only three possible solutions for what had inhabited this cage before it was put up for sale.

1) STRANGER THINGS SPOILER ALERT! Perhaps, the Demogorgon is not just a make believe creature from the Netflix series Stranger Things. If a real lizard-like monster decided to make himself known, why would it have to choose Hawkins, Indiana as it's home. Why not Wichita Falls?

If you captured one of these creatures, you'd need a place to keep it penned up, right? Well, this cage looks like it would be the perfect holding pen for your little monster. As we learned in the latest season of the show, they grow quickly and aggressively. The damage to this cage looks like exactly what an adolescent Dustin's Demodog could have done.

2) In recent years, there's been a big increase in the amount of artist selling their homemade products on websites like Etsy. Among the folksy art you will find are plenty of things made out of bent wire. There's everything from wall hangings to earrings to sculptures.

Now, if you were a novice wire bender and were looking to practice your craft before putting it on the market, you'd need a lot of wire, right? Well, if you just happened to have this unused cage, it would look like exactly what you are looking for! Perhaps some artist decided to hone their craft before putting this cage up on the Marketplace.

3) Have you seen Quentin Tarantino's classic 1994 film Pulp Fiction? Of course you have. Everyone has seen that movie. So, you obviously remember the memorable scene where they bring out the gimp. Now, in the movie, the gimp was a man kept locked in a box and brought out for pleasure. Although this isn't a box, in a pinch I'm sure the cage would suffice.

I'm not one to comment what someone does in the bedroom, so I won't cast judgement on what these consenting adults are doing in Wichita Falls. Behind closed doors they could just be recreating their favorite movie scene. We just don't know. We can be assured though that this would be a perfectly acceptable explanation for what happened to this cage.

So, after racking my brain, these are the three most obvious explanations for the condition of this cage. Does knowing them make it even easier for your to make your $25 purchase? If you have any other ideas, please tell us in the comments section.

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