With news of the eagerly awaited sequel to 'Red Dead Redemption', have you ever wondered why you haven't heard the voice of John Marston since the game was released?

Rob Wiethoff had small-town beginnings, eventually turning his eyes to Hollywood with the hopes that friends of his, girlfriends of Hollywood heavyweights, would help him break out into acting. After several years acting and only getting commercials and a few bit parts, Weithoff got his big break in Rockstar's old-west video game, 'Red Dead Redemption', providing the voice and motion-capture for the main character, John Marston. Not a gamer himself, Weithoff wasn't entirely sure what he was getting himself into, but ended up finding parallels with his own life and that of Marston's, making it the highlight of his acting career. It would also mark one of his last jobs in the industry.

'Red Dead Redemption' was a massive hit, with Weithoff's performance as Marston being considered one of the greatest video game performances of all time. Weithoff would reprise the role in the zombie-themed DLC, 'Undead Nightmare', but would only receive two more credits to his IMDB profile before leaving the industry. Getting disillusioned with the Hollywood machine, Weithoff decided to return to his hometown in Indiana with his wife to raise their family in a better atmosphere than Los Angeles. Telling Polygon,

Tayler grew up in Los Angeles, and she didn't want to raise kids there because they get to a certain age, and it gets too expensive and too hard, and she just wanted to go to a small town.

I had a cool experience; there's no guarantee I'll ever have anything like it again. I thought, screw it, if anyone wants me for anything, they'll call me.

Weithoff seems to revel in his average life in small-town Indiana, but has said he would love to work with the crew from Rockstar again if the opportunity presents itself.