Wedding photos are something that married couples love to look back on. It’s a chance to see yourself when you were younger, cleaned up real pretty, and were probably a few pounds lighter. It’s a special day, but sometimes those wedding photos don’t come out the way you’d like them to. Such is the case of a bridal party in Michigan, when their entire group fell into the lake.

The dock under them collapsed from the weight of the group, and you can see that moment of realization when all of them realize what’s happening. One guy’s smart phone wasn’t working after the incident, and if I were him, I’d be livid.

Go a few hours without my phone? No, thank you.

The group really rolled with it, however. While one woman is heard squawking, “Oh, my God!” over and over, the rest of them laugh and take it in stride. The bride later said that it made the day memorable and it’s something they can tell their grandkids. I think that’s a great attitude and I have to commend them for going with the flow.

Have you been to a wedding where something memorable happened?