Don't worry, those brutal summer days will still be here.

If you're anything like me, you don't pay too much attention to these futurecasts things that try to predict weather months in advance. I understand weather patterns exist, but I don't think they're 100% accurate most of the time. WFAA released some information today about what the Texas summer is supposed to look like.

We know summers are hot in Texas, but it can be brutal or just a hot day. They're predicting below normal temperatures for our summer months. Don't worry about getting those jackets out, it's still going to be a Texas summer. They're also predicting near-normal rainfall for our area as well. Several factors go into determining this outcome.

WFAA said,  'A weak El Niño is forecasted to stick around through the summer. This favors cooler than normal temps and above normal precipitation during the summer months in North Texas.' They also added that due to more rain being in the forecast recently, the soil is moister. This may help keep temps in check through most of the summer. However, this could also mean the humidity may be more oppressive than normal.

Turns out June is one of the wettest months of the year for Texans on average. Since WFAA is based out of Dallas, they say they will expect more rainfall than usual for that area. For us in Wichita Falls, they're predicting a normal amount of rainfall over the summer.

I'm no weather expert, so if you want to see their full report for more details check it out. I'm still going to be prepared for those days where the walk to my car feels like a blowdryer is on full blast in Wichita Falls. Hopefully, this report is right and those days only happen a couple of times over the summer.

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