Apparently it's a decapitating kind of day here at the Buzz Den. Since we've checked out Cattle Decapitation's new video for "Kingdom of Tyrants" we might as well indulge in Decapitated's official video for "Homo Sum".

In what is the polar opposite of the aforementioned Cattle Decap video, Decapitated have decided to go with a straight-up performance video with the lyrics cutting in from time to time. And not to be a total Grammar Nazi because I realize that English ain't exactly these dudes' first language, but I couldn't help but notice "learn" was misspelled "LERN" right there in big bold letters and I can't help but wonder why someone at the label didn't notice it.

But enough of that because you know I dig me some Decapitated and "Homo Sum" is one of my favorite tunes from Carnival Is Forever so I was pretty stoked when I heard they were making a video for the tune.