I absolutely love it when bands go all-out in their videos. And while Cattle Decapitation have always impressed me, the mini-film for "Kingdom of Tyrants" is easily one of the most brilliant things they've done.

In this day and age especially, fans interact with bands on so many different levels and it's great to see artists embrace different mediums like intricate well-thought out videos that really give their fans more bang for no more bucks (again I have to profess my love for the interwebs).

Here's what frontman Travis Ryan told Blabbermouth.net about the video:

We've kicked around the idea of doing a mini-film out of a song that has a big intro for years now and when I saw Mitch Massie's work on one of our friends' videos, we knew he would be the one to pull it off. We had no idea he would bring it to a level such as this though. The ‘Kingdom of Tyrants'mini-film completely leveled our expectations. Having given him director styles, I would have liked to see used such as Matthew Barney,Harmony Korine and Ridley Scott, I still never assumed we would have received something so in line with what we had in mind for this as what you see here with this video. It's disturbing. It's thought-provoking. It's 100% Cattle Decapitationand in the direction we've been heading.Massie is the man and this is by far the best video we've ever had the pleasure to be a part of.

"Kingdom of Tyrants" comes from Monolith Of Inhumanity in stores and online May 8 on Metal Blade Records.