The job market can be tough, which is why it’s time to move on to less traditional work. If basket weaving just isn’t your thing, why not consider a career as a professional alien hunter?

While it sounds like a joke, Edinburgh University is actually offering up a course that can help you achieve your life-long goal of hunting down ET.

One of the most prestigious universities in the world, located in Scotland, is indeed getting into the unknown by offering "Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life." It starts in the fall, and will look at other planets that are capable of sustaining life. In addition, it will look at the possibility of life on those planets coming to Earth and what could happen if they did. Subjects include:

Week 1: The definitions of life and how it originated on Earth.

Week 2: Early Earth environments when life first emerged and the various evolutionary transitions of life on Earth.

Week 3: The prospects for life elsewhere in our solar system and the required conditions for a planet to be habitable.

Week 4: How to search for Earth-like planets orbiting distant suns and how to detect possible life there.

Week 5: How earthlings would be impacted by the discovery of an extraterrestrial intelligence.

The best part? It’s a free online course!

Would this knowledge actually help you out when you’re confronted with an alien in your living room while you’re trying to watch reruns of Seinfeld? Probably not. But at least you’d be able to give a first-hand account of your experience. That is, if people even believed you and if you lived to tell the tale.

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