Now you may remember a few years ago when Donovan McNabb said in a post game press conference that he did not know about tie games in the NFL. After many people discussed how is that possible, seems like in 2013 it is still a problem.

As reported by news reporter Robert Klemko for MMQB:


I know every player in the NFL does not have every rule in the rulebook memorized, but seriously I would think you would know the overtime rules. I was in shock when McNabb, a starting pro bowl quarterback in the NFL did not know about this. Then again he was a Philadelphia Eagle and a Washington Redskin at one point, so he was already not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Now hopefully this never happens again, but just wait five years. Everyone will forget about ties and a new crop of NFL players will come in not knowing the rules.

Check Out McNabb Not Knowing About Ties Below: