It looks like even if you're a professional video game player, you're going to go through the same regulations the NFL does.

You may not take video games seriously, but some people do make a profession out of playing video games for a living. Some serious money can be made at tournaments. Turns out they have had some problems in the eSports league with players using drugs and they're going to be cracking down. No word yet on what drugs they will be testing for, but you can expect Adderall to make the cut.

Last week, a high-level ESL Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player admitted he and other members of his team had used the drug while playing in a $250,000 tournament in Poland. Adderall is normally used to treat Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and can sharpen the focus of users, a useful skill in the fast-moving world of eSports.

The player- Cory "Semphis" Friesen- and his team will not be punished or stripped of their winnings, despite their admission. I can see how something like that, could not be a fair advantage to all of the players. If you're taking something that gives you a quicker reaction time, in the video game world, that's an unfair advantage.