Do you drive the car brand that has been involved in the most fatal accidents in Texas? 

While style is certainly a major consideration when purchasing a vehicle, safety is a top priority. It’s always a good idea to get the lowdown on vehicle safety prior to searching for your next vehicle. 

The good news is that technology and design advancements have led to safety improvements in all brands of vehicles in recent years. So, keep that in mind while reviewing the data from a study conducted by Glass Doctor to determine the most and least safe vehicle brands in each state.

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Sure, the study found that there are brands that have a much better track record when it comes to safety, but I’m not here to trash the brands that were found to be the least safe. I’m merely giving you a heads-up. 

To reach their conclusions, researchers used National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data on fatal crashes over the course of the last ten years. 

And the results weren’t good for a manufacturer that I’ve always been fond of. 

The study found that Dodge vehicles had been involved in the most fatal crashes over the last decade in Texas. In fact, Dodge was involved in the most fatal accidents in the entire country. 

Mitsubishi and Chevrolet round out the Top 3 least safe car brands in the Lone Star State, respectively.  

Enough of the negative, let’s focus on the positive now. Subaru was determined to be the safest car brand in Texas, followed by Audi and Mercedes-Benz. 

As I mentioned earlier, this isn’t an indictment against any car brand. I just wanted to share something to keep in mind the next time you’re shopping for a new ride.

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