My mind is racing for the potential with this place and it got me to thinking about some pretty ludicrous stuff. Here is what is going on in my brain today.

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Yesterday we found out that Universal Studios is planning to open up a kid friendly theme park in Frisco, Texas. They have not given an opening release date. So we can just speculate their plans here. The target audience is kids 3-9. Here are my ideas and Universal can steal them if they want. Note, I am going for pure nostalgia for me, so sorry Gen Alpha.

Temple Run Playground

Back in the day, Universal Studios was the coolest thing in the world for one reason. They filmed Nickelodeon shows there. We all wanted to be on these things back in the day. My personal favorite was 'Legends of the Hidden Temple'. If you're building a little kids theme park, that means a playground. Imagine a giant temple run you could go explore like at the end of the game show.

Krusty Burger

That's right, Universal Studios has the rights to The Simpsons. Families have to eat, so why not make one of the dining options a Krusty Burger like at the other Universal Studios parks. You can serve Duff Beer and this will give parents somewhere to go to escape the screaming children. If you want to build a Moe's Tavern, it would be appreciated as well.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Meet and Greet

This one is complicated. The rights to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have changed hands MANY times throughout the years. Above is a video from the early 90's at Disney World. Since Jim Henson made the turtle suits for the movies and Jim Henson had a section at Hollywood Studios. The Ninja Turtles had an epic show where the Turtle van would pull up, they would come out and dance. My four-year-old brain was literally the happiest I had ever been in my life. TMNT now airs on Nick, which I believe Universal still owns a small portion of.

Ghostbusters Splash Pad

I was literally at Universal Studios the week this show was closing in Orlando. I feel like every little kids park needs a splash pad. Just shooting water out of the ground, kids love that s***. How about a splash pad with random cute ghost statues (as to not scare the kids). Plus you could have proton pack water guns you could sell (More money for you Universal). At night, you could have green lights and be like, "Uh Oh Slimer turned all the water green".

Barney Live Show

Alright, going for SUPER NOSTALGIA here. No kid today knows what the hell Barney is. They stopped making that show in 2010(can't believe it lasted that long). However, a Barney Live Show existed at Universal all the way until 2021! Barney was actually filmed in Dallas back in the day. If they decide to reboot Barney, imagine if they filmed it at this new park.

Jurassic Park Boneyard

Alright, I am straight up jacking this idea from Disney World. Why does the Jurassic Park land at Universal not have a dinosaur bone area? Disney does and Universal has the rights to the GREATEST DINOSAUR MOVIE EVER MADE. Plus you could have the guys in the raptor costumes do meet and greets.

Harry Potter Wand Shop

I am not expecting anything Harry Potter related at this new park. However, if they could somehow just get the wand things at this one in Frisco that would be cool. I have no idea how many of these things Universal sells per year, but every kid had one last time I went. Plus you had kids wearing the thick Harry Potter house robes in F***ING ORLANDO, FLORIDA.

Jaws Statue

I don't care that Jaws is super old. Every kid would want to take a picture with this thing. I'm still pissed they closed this ride. Jaws was a classic and should never have been taken out of the parks. At least give me the statue to go put my head under for a cool photo.

Despicable Me Game Area

Alright, something more modern since I went all the way back to the 70's with my last one. I expect something Minions at this new park. At a theme park, I love playing the games. Like squirt guns or ring around the bottle. Literally the only thing I know about Despicable Me is "IT'S SO FLUFFY'. Have people try to win this giant unicorn and Bam free money Universal

Men In Black Laser Tag

^Don't even know if you guys remember Discovery Zone, but this place was like Chuck E Cheese on steroids. For a period of time, Men In Black had a ride at Universal Studios. I just want this laser tag that I experienced at one of my friends birthdays back in the day. R.I.P. Discovery Zone.


I don't expect any of this stuff to come true, but if it somehow does. I will be going to that Frisco theme park to check it out. For the love of God, just give me the Krusty Burger and I will pay a theme park ticket just for that.

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