Heres a preview of what's to come in Wichita Falls!

Last September I saw Drowning Pool perform live as an opener for KISS during the Rockin' The Park Festival at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco, Texas. As a perk of being in the Radio biz, I was able to score access to the VIP section right by the stage.  Being so close to the stage I was able to get some pretty good video of the band.

Here is a video I took of Drowning Pool playing 'Bodies'.  During the song, lead singer decides to jump off the stage and finish out the song while moshing with the crowd.

The whole thing was pretty intense and if they put on half the show they did in Frisco last September, here in Wichita Falls on April 29th; then hold on to your lug nuts, because we are in for a kick ass rock show!

If you want to get up close and personal with Drowning Pool at the Neon Spur on April 29th right here in Wichita Falls, be sure to enter the DP Meet & Greet Package Giveaway online now!

McComb's crowd pleasing stunt happens at about 1:25