So do we call the Men In Black or the X-Files team to Wichita Falls?

Keep Scrolling to Check Out the Videos

I'm always keeping an eye out for weird Wichita Falls videos. When someone says UFO in our city, you bet your ass I will be clicking on your video.


It looks like some photos this week were posted onto YouTube shorts from a user named dhill5175. I'm not exactly sure where he is at in Wichita Falls, but appears to be on a lot of some factory. dhill5175 in his description says he works near Sheppard Air Force Base. His first video I saw I will put below, but we have two in total.

First UFO Video in Wichita Falls


I can't really see the object he is talking about in this first video, however in the second one. I clearly see something flying above Wichita Falls.

Second UFO Video in Wichita Falls

In the video he says, I don't think that's a drone. Then the light in the sky just disappears. Maybe dhill5175 caught some aliens checking out Wichita Falls this week. If he did, stay safe out there my man or you may get flashy thinged.


If anyone else has some Wichita Falls UFO videos, please feel free to send them my way. I will always check them out. As always stay safe because we may not be alone out there.

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