The truth is out there.

It’s been less than two weeks since I posted the story about supposed UFOs spotted over the Dallas sky and I’m already back with another story about UFOs - or UAPs, (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) as our military calls them.

I have my doubts about the objects spotted over Dallas being anything otherworldly, but I truly believe the videos captured by the U.S. Navy that have been shared by the Pentagon over the last few years are not of this world.

Every video I’ve seen shows flying objects that totally defy the laws of physics. Therefore, I have a hard time believing the objects were developed by humans.

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Yesterday (May 16), CBS’s 60 Minutes aired a piece in which they spoke with former Navy pilots who were eyewitnesses to UAPs. Apparently, the strange sightings happened on a daily basis for years.

While the pilots understandably were hesitant to come right out and say they believed what they saw was from another planet, one pilot did admit that the consensus among pilots is that there are three explanations for what they observed: they were either top secret U.S. government projects, top secret surveillance aircraft developed by foreign governments or something from out of this world.

I realize there are skeptics out there who are prepared to explain everything away and I truly hope they’re right. In fact, I hope that someday these are proven to be uber top secret “eyes only” U.S. government projects. Because, frankly, any other explanation would be a serious threat to our national security.

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