This north Texas house looks like it popped like a balloon.

Two people have been airlifted to a hospital after an explosion destroyed a home in North Texas and damaged about a dozen others, officials said. Many people are suspecting a gas leak as a culprit to the explosion. Atmos Energy issued statements Monday stating that its crews were dispatched to the scene to perform leak surveys and determine if gas was involved.

Mosie Mallard, who lives a few doors down from the blast site, said he was in his house when it happened. "I opened up my back door. Debris was falling. I could see from where I was standing at my back door that there was somebody sitting in the debris," Mallard told the Waxahachie Daily Light.

Remember folks, if you smell gas in your house. Call your gas company immediately, they should have an emergency number to connect you to. Someone will come out to your house as soon as possible, to prevent something like this from happening.


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