Surrounded by a bunch of drunks on live television. What could possibly go wrong? 

I learned today that the Beer Ironman is a thing. Basically, you chug a six pack in between all of your events. Sounds like a good idea and a terrible idea all at the same time. KTLA reporter Wendy Burch attended the event in Hermosa Beach yesterday. She is definitely a couple hours into this thing, so people are pretty wasted at this point.

Wendy is interviewing one of the competitors who apparently had written on his back 'puke here' with a bullseye. One of the other competitors took him up on this and vomited all over his back. Some of it actually hitting Wendy in the face.

I thought it was someone spilling beer the first time I watched it, but turns out it is puke. Dear KTLA, you better give Wendy one hell of a raise for this day. She deserves it.

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