We have heard about trucker protests going on throughout the country and it looks like they have hit Texas. However, this one has nothing to do with Covid vaccine requirements.

Looks like President Joe Biden is ending Title 42. During the Covid 19 pandemic, this emergency health order let federal officials turn away migrants at the border without the chance to request asylum. Looks like Governor Abbott is going to start increasing the presence of the Texas Department of Public Safety at the border for truck inspections.

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This means your average 18 wheeler will be inspected by the federal government before crossing the border, then you will be inspected again, by the Texas Department of Public Safety. This is leading to massive delays for electronics, vehicle parts and medical instruments. Other goods will start to go bad with these delays. Things like avocados, broccoli, peppers, strawberries and tomatoes.

It looks like a group of truckers are protesting Governor Abbott's decision for two inspections at Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge in South Texas. According to Mexican news outlets, translated by My San Antonio, 500 truckers are blocking the north and southbound lanes on the Mexican side of the bridge.

Representative Vicente Gonzalez says "[Abbott] needs to allow the U.S. Customs and Border inspection folks to do their job.” Abbott has been criticized a lot this past week for his actions, saying he was going to bus people that cross the border illegally to Washington DC. Which he can't actually do. We already have enough to deal with prices and delays. This is just going to make things worse.

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