It smells like someone lit a middle school locker room on fire.

Over in Belmont, Texas, residents could hear a loud boom coming from I-35. That would be from an eighteen-wheeler hauling a shipment of Axe body spray. The driver of the truck saw the fire and pulled over to detach the trailer. Thankfully no one was hurt, but the trailer was destroyed due to the highly flammable Axe.

They're still trying to figure out what caused the fire, and traffic was delayed for eight hours that morning. Still, it's a miracle no one was hurt in this. Witnesses said that cans went flying in all directions when the trailer exploded. Due to the severity of the fire with the Axe body spray, that road will need to be replaced.

Jodi Wheatley, a spokeswoman for the Texas Department of Transportation, said three lanes and both shoulders on the section of I-35 will need to be removed and replaced. A transportation employee told the Temple Daily Telegram newspaper the road was damaged and that the highway was "like gravel" after the explosion.

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