Shots have been fired Wichita Falls. Are you gonna get loud this Saturday night?

The Nighthawks have a game this Saturday against Tri-Cities Fever at Kay Yeagar Coliseum. Kick off is set for seven and tickets are staring at just 12 dollars. If you needed more incentive to check out the Nighthawks this Saturday, the opposing coach just called out our fan base. That's right, Nighthawk nation has been put on notice.

Wanna know what reputation Nighthawk Nation has for supporting YOUR Wichita Falls Nighthawks? Take a listen and then...

Posted by Wichita Falls Nighthawks on Thursday, March 26, 2015

In the soundbite above you can hear the Tri-Cities head coach saying noise will not be a factor this Saturday. He say's, "They don't have a huge crowd, so communication won't be an issue." Well Wichita Falls, let's make communication an issue for them. When the Nighthawks are on defense, you stand up, get loud and support those Nighthawks. I want this crowd as hyped as Macho Man in this clip below, GET LOUD WICHITA FALLS!

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