Today is April 20th,  also known as 4/20. And if that means anything to you, this list is for you.
Here are the Top Signs You're a Pothead.
  • 1

    You own three Bob Marley T-shirts, but you can't name a single one of his songs.

  • 2

    You've spent the past six hours telling the story of the time you met the drummer from Phish's cousin.

  • 3

    In the middle of eating a box of Nilla Wafers you start thinking what a weird word "Nilla" is.

  • 4

    You're still giggling about a Seth Rogen movie you saw six months ago.

  • 5

    The crap Paula Deen cooks looks AMAZING to you.

  • 6

    You know what oxygen tastes like.

  • 7

    You think this list is about you because we've been watching you. Don't you? DON'T YOU?

  • 8

    You wear a shark tooth necklace and . . . No, that's it, actually.

  • 9

    You just got into a fistfight with some ignorant a-hole who tried to claim regular Frisbee was just as good as Ultimate Frisbee.

  • 10

    You're the only one at Thanksgiving who has something to talk about with that one weird uncle who lives in a van.

  • 11

    You just wrote an angry letter to the Pulitzer Prize board for overlooking a riveting article in "High Times" about how to make a bong out of an apple.

  • 12

    You're a morning radio DJ who gets off work at 10:00 AM and has to find SOMETHING to fill the rest of his day.

  • 13

    The only thing in life you know for sure is that no one could POSSIBLY get sick of you spending every waking second quoting lines from "Friday".

  • 14

    When a friend asks for the time and you tell him it's 4:20, you're pretty sure he's legally required to give you a high-five and a bong hit.

  • 15

    You honestly don't see how being a white kid with filthy dreads and a Jamaica bumper sticker on your BMW makes you a poseur.

  • 16

    You think the key to pulling chicks is staring at them with sexy bloodshot eyes, then giving them a whiff of the aromatic, skunky smell that follows you around 24/7.

  • 17

    When your friend tells you his water pipe has burst you're relieved to find out he's just talking about the plumbing.

  • 18

    You're more embarrassed about your low score in "Call of Duty" than you are about still living with your mom.