You have probably seen the prank Tony Hawk hover board video, well this one's real. Get excited folks we're getting closer to riding around town like Marty McFly.

Seriously I got legitimately excited when I saw the Tony Hawk prank video. If 'Back to the Future 2' is going to be historically accurate we should have hover boards by at least October 21, 2015. Well on October 21, 2014 we got the first taste of a real hover board. Yes, the future is now and I can't wait to ride one.

Well why not get the guy that pranked us all into thinking hover boards were a real thing. Granted he couldn't do those sweet moves on the half pipe we all remember from back in the day. I can't wait to see hover boards at Wal Mart one day, its going to be epic.

Check Out Tony Hawk Riding a REAL Hover Board Below: