I don't know why, but brooms are on my mind this morning. Maybe it is due to the fact that Texas got swept last night in Baltimore.

Growing up an Orioles fan you always hear about Orioles legends. Now I am not talking about players. I am talking about folks that made going to Orioles games an experience. The most famous is 'Wild Bill' Hagy. It is rumored that the Dancin' Homer episode of 'The Simpsons' is a nod to 'Wild Bill. Although writers said they were not aware of him at the time of writing.

Another famous part of Orioles history was a girl by the name of Linda Warhime. For a period of seven years, Linda was a part of the Orioles grounds crew. Her job was to sweep the bases clean. Linda did that, but she also became a character on the field. She would mess with opposing third base coaches and then would actually mess with her right back.

In an article from The Baltimore Sun, Boston's Eddie Popowski pulled out a water pistol and squirted her in the face one game. Linda actually got some of her own and got revenge in a later inning. Cleveland's George Strickland during a game left a fake toy mouse near the base and scared the crap out of Linda one game.

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Linda will also give a kiss on the cheek to some of the coaches, I guess trying to get in their heads to throw them off their game. Her most famous incident was during game three of the 1970 World Series where she smacked one of the umps on the butt with her broom and he fell over pretending to be injured.


Linda spent seven years with the Orioles and during that time the Orioles were good. Going to three straight World Series, winning one during that time. Also went to two straight American League Championship games towards the end of her run with the team.

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Linda is just one of those characters you hear about through Orioles history and I thought it was something you guys would get a laugh at today. I think every team has someone like this, the Texas Rangers most famous is probably Sister Frances who would beat on that drum during games.

People like Linda and Sister Frances are what makes baseball games so much fun. It's one of my favorite things to do and I can't wait for the Orioles to get to Arlington in August.

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