Imagine paying twenty six dollars for this thing and not being able to take a single bite.

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Since 2012, the Texas Rangers have had an iconic menu item at their stadium. It's called the Boomstick. It's a two foot long hotdog, typically covered with chili, nacho cheese, jalapenos and onions. For fans, it has become a must purchase at least once. Well one fan bought one last night and dropped it all over someone.

Instagram User Mira Ruby Dropped the Boomstick

She appears to be a food influencer in the Dallas area and went to her first ever Rangers game this week. Being a viral food influencer in the Dallas area, she had to get the Boomstick for Instagram clout. Sadly, she went viral for spilling the ENTIRE Boomstick on that poor fan in front of her.

Mira Ruby's Statement on Dropping the Boomstick

The boomstick is a must but don’t drop it in 2nd row at the game in front of everyone while trying to get content 😂 That would not be worth it for a $33 hot dog smothered in chili that’s 2ft long that you couldn’t even try and then had to buy another one

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Hopefully on her trip back to get a second Boomstick, she bought that guy a new shirt. You spill a two foot wiener with chili and cheese on top of me because you're filming a video for Instagram. You bet I'm getting a new shirt out of this. The guy surprisingly is pretty chill about it, I know I wouldn't be.

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