Well better late than never I guess but due to some problems with the site (or maybe me?) I wasn't able to get this finished last night so here ya go.

I often profess my love for Skeletonwitch so it should come as no surprise that their new album Forever Abomination makes the "Metal Pick" list. There's no denying the fact that this band has changed the perception of bands playing "thrash" here  in the 21st century. My thing is that there is nothing retro about Skeletonwitch...they may throw in some 80's thrash worship here and there but I've always considered their music to be black metal with some thrash and rock influences kind of like Goatwhore, but for whatever reason they tend to get lumped in more with the re-thrash scene.

Forever Abomination sounds like a natural progression for Skeletonwitch that gives me the impression that it was easily written and the songs just flowed without having to force anything. The band isn't playing quite as fast as on their last album Breathing The Fire but they manage to maintain their heaviness and expand their sound even further in the process.

Everything I've ever heard from Skeltonwitch has been nothing short of excellent...I love how they write memorable, catchy as hell songs that are distinctly their own. And that's where Forever Abomination comes in. The album has so many moments where I just pause for a second and say to myself "Man...that's badass". It's a pretty short album that I'm not ready to be finished with when I've heard it all the way through so it tends to get spun a couple of times in one setting.

If you're a fan of Skeletonwitch's earlier stuff it's a safe bet that you're gonna dig Forever Abomination, so get off the fence and pick it up.

Forever Abomination is available now on Prosthetic Records.

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