Texas has grown more than any other state over the last decade, and one city, in particular, has experienced a massive amount of growth. 

According to KVUE, 4 million people have moved to the Lone Star State since 2010, which is more than any other state.  

Cities like Dallas, Austin, and Houston have all seen a big population spike over the years. But Leander, located just north of Austin in Williamson County, has grown more than not just any other city in Texas, it’s grown more than any other city in the entire country from 2021 to 2022. 

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In fact, the city more than doubled in population from 2010 to 2020. That’s a nice feather in the hat of Leander and says a lot about just how desirable a place it is to live, but that sort of rapid growth is not without its problems. 

Like many other Texas cities, Leander is having to deal with low housing inventory and rising housing costs. Tina Mallach, a realtor, and broker who grew up in Leander says it’s hard to make sure everyone who wants to live there can actually afford a home there: 

We've had several buyers just in the last few days that say, 'I can no longer afford that house.’ That's probably the hardest thing is making sure everybody that wants and can afford a house can get into a house, and that means more dirt, and there's only so much of it.

Even though the cost of real estate has skyrocketed in Leander, the city continues to grow and shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

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