Ten years into their existence, the Veer Union refuse to give up and forge ahead when a lot of bands would've called it quits.

After achieving broad success with 'Seasons' back in 2009, the Veer Union have failed to deliver another bona fide hit. Don't get me wrong, they've released some solid tunes along the way, but nothing has come close to the exposure the band enjoyed with 'Seasons'.

Aside from landing in the Top Ten on the charts, the track was featured in that year's MLB postseason broadcasts as well as the NFL, NASCAR, ESPN, WWE and NHL.

Refusing to settle for the label 'One-Hit Wonder', The Veer Union have soldiered on, releasing Divide the Blackened Sky in 2012 and most recently, the EP, Life Support Part 1, a title that is a clear reference to the tough times the band has endured over the last few years.

The Veer Union have one of the most distinct sounds in modern rock. Not to mention, they've been nothing less than consistent so I've always been shocked when none of their singles took off the way 'Seasons' did. 'Brave the Impossible' fits right in with strong, melodic vocals and a dark vibe reminiscent of the aforementioned track. Give it a listen and weigh in on the song in the below poll.

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