Hopefully you made it out last night to Buzzfest because that show ROCKED!  Each and every band killed it and Buzzheads from all around left happy and deaf.

The Veer Union started off with an insane energy and the coolest mohawk I have ever seen.  Those guys proved that they need to be taken seriously and watched for future dominance. And if you missed Johnny Thrash's interview with Crispin Earl you can listen here.

New Medicine continued the energy with a great set of songs that paved the way for Redlight King to take over.  Then they pleased the crowd by jumping off-stage and amongst everyone as they hustled the sale of their CD.

Redlight King took a great hand-off from New Medicine and pumped the crowd up even more when they played "Old Man."  These guys are another band I will definitely be looking for again at a venue near me.

Though I honestly love all 6 bands, I was really pumped to see Cavo perform and they did not disappoint.  After having had the chance to hangout with them earlier that day, I gained a new appreciation for the 4-man group from St Louis, who all get along very well.  I really found it funny, that while hanging out with them, we talked about families, working out & The Cardinals instead of sex, drugs and hookers (stereotypical rock stuff, right?).  Check out their interview with the awesome Bethany Lee from earlier in the day too.

Whether or not you are a fan of Buckcherry, and I am, you will definitely be entertained by their show.  These guys are 'Rock'N Roll' in every sense of the word.  It was pointed out to my by a soon-to-be featured HomeBrew Hunnie, Shana Thompson, that lead vocalist Josh Todd looks like Steven Tyler and Mick Jagger had a child, ha! I totally agree!  If you missed their show, then you missed them play their newest song, 'Wherever I Go' written for the 'Avengers' soundtrack.  Check out the interview Johnny Thrash did with lead singer Josh Todd.

Finally, it came to the small band with a massive sound:  Chevelle.  Made up of brothers Pete (vocals/guitar) & Sam (drums) Loeffler and Dean Bernardini (Bass), Chevelle proved why the band has sold over 3 million records, they just rock...hard.  Check out Thrashman's interview with Sam here.

So if you didn't make it out, you absolutely missed out.  But, since you may have had a legit excuse, or you at least have a good lie as to why you weren't there, I have attached a gallery of photos for you to look at while you kick yourself in the butt for not going.

Check out pictures from BuzzFest 2012 Featuring Chevelle, Buckcherry, Cavo, New Medicine, The Veer Union and Redlight King:

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