Oh yeah, that's right.  I have more pictures to share with you from Buzzfest, besides the band photo gallery I already posted, and chances are, your drunk self may be in a few of them with a cheesy, red-eyed grin:)  But there's an order in all things, and the breakdown of photos in this gallery is as follows:

If you heard Bethany Lee's Cavo interview, then obviously you know they were in the studio.  While there, they grabbed a quick photo with resident HomeBrew Hunnies Skye Baker, Chelsea Eaton and a soon-to-be featured Hunnie, Shana Thompson.

Daniel Walker was the lucky Buzzhead who won chance to jam with Cavo on-stage during their soundcheck, but since Buckcherry was having some issues and taking too long, Cavo had to cancel their soundcheck and invited Daniel and his Ex (who he is trying to win back:P) on to the tour bus to hang out instead.  And just for the record, I am a witness to hearing Cavo all agree that if the two love-birds got remarried, that the band would play at their 25th anniversary.  Both winners walked away with autographed CD's and some awesome band memorabilia.

It really pays to be a Buzzhead VIP online, just ask our lucky listeners who got to meet both Chevelle and Buckcherry before the show.  The pictures pretty much speak for themselves, just look at their big grins.

And finally, it's now time for my favorite photos in the gallery.  The music wasn't the only thing flowing at Buzzfest last Sunday.  The beer was being consumed in record amounts, leaving me plenty of opportunity to get some great candid photos of Buzzheads (possibly you) holding their drinks high while they rocked out.

In the end, you guys rock for coming out so we'll gladly post the proof of your awesomeness to all who love the Buzz.  Oh, and if you see you or someone else you know, make sure you tag'em when I post this to Facebook and let us all know that you rock!