The Lawton, OK Fire Department couldn't let the cops have all the fun with the lip-sync challenge videos!

The Lip-sync challenge has become a fun internet trend for the past month and it looks like every police department has at least one. Of course, the firefighters got jealous and had to jump in on the trend. Over in Lawton, Oklahoma the fire department imagines what they would do if they weren't firefighters.

They definitely wouldn't be cops. They would want to be and I quote 'boy band famous'. What a goal to have in life fellas. So why not imitate one of the biggest boy bands ever, *NYSNC, with their hit single, 'It's Gonna Be Me'. No, the lyrics are not "May" like some stupid internet meme tells you.

We actually get two other songs in this challenge. A weird remix of 'It's a Hard Knock Life' and 'Fire Burning'. The 'Fire Burning' has a very talented fire tosser. Of course, since there was fire, someone had to put it out.

So now that the Lawton fire department has answered the lip-sync challenge, will the Wichita Falls Fire Department do one also? We hope so and will keep an eye out for it.

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