Cops around the country have been challenging each other to a lip sync battle. The Wichita Falls Police Department has finally released their version.

We have already had lip-sync battles from officers in Iowa Park and Seymour and it looks like the production value went up for the one in Wichita Falls. Several officers other staff members and even kids are featured in the video.

Here are some of my favorite highlights:

The officer staring at the donut at the beginning of the video. Come on man, you know you want to eat it. Next up, the officer pulling over someone near the water tower. I live right near there and saw them filming on that day. Little did I know it was for a lip-sync battle. The officer outside the Toys R Us, we miss you Geoffrey The Giraffe.

The officer with kids at Urban Air, with all of them trying to do 'The Floss'. Throwing glitter around the police department sounds like fun, but who is picking that up? Another officer hanging out with a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man. You two dance a lot like Dee from 'It's Always Sunny'. Finally, we close out with the stereotypical shot at the Falls.

An amazing video for sure. Thanks to everyone involved, looks like you put a lot of hard work into this.

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