I am once again pleading a team to play a game in Wichita Falls.

I am telling you right now, if I owned a major league team. I would not host any preseason games at my home stadium. I love what MLB does with spring training. Why can't other sports do this as well? Season ticket holders hate having to pay the same price for a preseason game as they do a regular season. So why not take these games somewhere else?

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The Dallas Stars a few years ago started playing at least one preseason game at The Bok Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. What's crazy, that venue is just slightly smaller than American Airlines Center where the Stars play their normal home games. It only holds about 500 less people. The Stars get to expand their brand into a state without a hockey team and it allows fans to get to see a Stars game in person without having to drive all the way to Dallas to do so.

I never thought the Stars would ever play a preseason game in Wichita Falls, The Bok Center is WAY bigger than what we have here at Kay Yeager Coliseum. I have been staring at this schedule since it got announced a few months ago, what in the hell is the Cable Dahmer Arena?

Next Saturday the Dallas Stars are playing a preseason game in Independence, Missouri. Like I said earlier, if I owned a team I would be willing to give up all my home preseason games to other venues. The Cable Dahmer Arena holds 5,800. Kay Yeager Coliseum can hold 7,380. You mean to tell me a venue that small can get a NHL team to come play at it?

Come on Wichita Falls, what do we have to do just to get a single Stars preseason game here? I am debating driving to Missouri next weekend just because it would be so weird to see the Stars in such a small venue. Plus, Wichita Falls is just a short drive from Dallas, so maybe some folks would make the trip to check out the Stars in a new venue.

Let me know what we got to do Wichita Falls to make this happen.

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