You've seen the car, now meet the driver. Join me as we dive into the real purpose behind the Texhoma Ghostbusters.

Sure they may seem like a bunch of nerds just dressing up for fun, but their real purpose goes far beyond their own enjoyment.

Check out my interview with Mark, Marcus and Brandon as we discuss everything from their homemade gear to the purpose behind their operation, which is simply to make people smile.

Now the ring leader of the group, Mark, has devoted tons of time and resources to making his Jeep Grand Cherokee into something a Ghostbuster would be proud to drive, and has plans to completely restore an 1963 Superior Crown Royal Rescuer, which as you can tell from the pictures needs a TON of work.

Now just to clear things up, these guys are not playing their favorite characters from the movies. According to them, it's more like the original Ghostbusters become a franchise which spread across the country, of which the Texhoma Ghostbusters are a part of.

Listen to my interview with the guys below:

Not only does their gear look real, most of it lights up and makes noises. The car has to be the most impressive though. All the lights on the roof not only work, but play the same siren as in the movie. Check out the video below to see it for yourself.

You can check out the groups Facebook page here and if you know of anyone who needs a little cheering up these guys are always ready to help.

I can't stress enough how impressed I was with these guys. Not only are they doing something that they love, but they are doing it to make people smile, and has there ever been a better reason to do something you love?

While the group refuses to accept any type of payment for their appearances, they could use a little help restoring their car, so if you are interested in helping out or donating just message the group.

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