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Dear art teachers across America, please do this at least once a year.

I don't know a single person that hates Bob Ross. He was a guy that seemed like he always had a positive attitude and just wanted to teach people about painting. It didn't matter if you were good, as long as you were trying, Bob was happy with you. I always thought of him as the Mr. Rogers of painting.

Bob's show 'The Joy of Painting' was on from the early '80s to the mid-'90s. Bob, unfortunately, is no longer with us, but his show is still making an impact on generations all these years later. I think it's a show that can last forever. Bob's soothing voice and watching him make a beautiful piece of art is something everyone from any generation can appreciate.

Over in Abilene, Texas, this past week students at Madison Middle School got to take part in a cool art class. The art teacher had a reward for the Advanced Placement students who had been busy recently with school projects. The teacher decided to have a fun relaxing day.

An episode of 'The Joy of Painting' was played on a projector in the classroom and students donned Bob Ross wigs, with blue buttoned-down shirts and painted along with the legend. The kids seemed to love it and hopefully this is something other art teachers try across Texas. I know I would have loved it as a kid.

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