Pro tip, don't cuss out the teen workers when they actually help you out.

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Well with temperatures in the triple digits throughout the state of Texas right now, everyone is trying to find ways to cool off. Around this time of the year, the local snow cone stand is the perfect cool treat on a hot day. Unfortunately at one stand the past week, the teenage workers were called derogatory names over a simple misunderstanding.

Check Out Keke's Snow Balls in Willis, Texas

This snow cone stand is going viral for an incident that happened between two workers and a customer recently. Apparently the customer had prepaid for her daughter to come later in the day to pick up a snow cone. The employees at the time said sure and took the money. Then, a shift change happened and the employees did not say anything to their coworkers about someone coming up that prepaid for a snow cone. Then this happened.

Watch Lady Cuss Out Teen Workers Over Six Dollars

The woman explains the situation to the cashier. Another girl comes over that is overhearing the conversation and gives the lady her refund. They then close the window since she has what she wanted and the customer called the worker a b****. Lady, you got your refund! It was a simple miscommunication. She acts like this business charged her credit card $10,000. You got the six dollars, no need to call the kid a b****. The video has amassed almost three million views and the vast majority of folks are on the teen's side. Let me know what you think about it in the comments.

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