Someone is going to be in really big trouble over this.

Over in Edcouch, Texas, the Edcouch-Elsa Independent School District recently sold some equipment to folks in town. They had an auction and the used equipment from the school went to the highest bidder. Apparently, the entire school district upgraded its computer systems and was selling around 400 computers.

Someone was supposed to wipe all the information off of them before selling them and that didn't happen. One of the groups that bought some of the computers was RDA Technologies who were going to use the computers for parts at their technology recycling company. When they turned on the computers to see the working condition on them, they found a lot on these computers.

The computers had students’ names, addresses, birth dates, medical records, and social security numbers. Something that in the wrong hands could cause some serious problems for those kids. RDA Technologies turned the computers over to the authorities so they could wipe them clean properly and to inform the district of their issue.

RDA Technologies only bought about 1/4 of the computers that were available at the auction. Local authorities have asked parents to contact them if they believe their child's information has been compromised.

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