I had some cool school bus drivers back in the day, nothing like this though.

Ahhhh school bus memories. I was always the first one on and last one off for my school bus route. Thanks mom and dad for always living the furthest from my school. I had a bus driver that used to let us have paper ball fights in the afternoons as long as no trash was on the bus. He was awesome.

However, maybe not as awesome as Beverly Ketchum over in Silsbee, Texas. She has transformed her yellow school bus into the iconic polar express train. As students step up to enter the bus, they're met with twinkling lights and a glimpse of Rudolph and Santa hanging on the rafters. She created a festive mood with Christmas decorations like snowflakes, ornaments, stockings and a life-sized cutout of Hero Boy, the main character in the Polar Express.

She even dresses up like the Polar Express conductor, including a giant beard. She has started doing story time for small groups of students. The kids come onto her bus and she reads the story over the audio system so everyone can hear. The district has expressed their gratitude to Ketchum and other bus drivers for  their hard work and dedication.

Looks like the kids absolutely love it. I know I would have if I had taken this bus when I was in elementary school. I was still happy with my paper ball fights though.

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