Even if you could throw a rock at the school from your front porch, you could still not walk your kid to school. 

You hear the older generation saying it all the time, "I used to walk fifteen miles in the snow to school..." Walking to school used to be something a lot of people did. With the world we live in today, a lot of parents don't let their kids go by themselves. Maybe if you only live a couple of blocks away, you will take the little one in the morning on a walk to school.

Well at Bear Branch Elementary School in the Magnolia ISD, you cannot do that, no matter how close your kid lives to the school. You have the option of your kid taking the bus or the long car pickup line. Some parents have said the principal is threatening to arrest parents for walking their kids home from school.

The district is actually giving support to the principal and her decision. They say it's all about having a safe dismissal process. Several parents have pulled their kids out of this school because of this new policy.

I used to live near Sam Houston Elementary, right here in Wichita Falls. Houses were literally next door to the school and I would see parents walking their kids home. It was no more than a minute walk. Imagine having to pull out of your driveway, get in line, wait for your kid, then go home. I have been in those car pickup lines, they take forever. Plus, a bus ride next door just seems like a waste of time. I think this policy is stupid and the school should get rid of it.