So yesterday was my first experience at the "famous" Redneck Heaven. This past week the location in Lewisville decided to do an ABC day, which is when you wear Anything But Clothes to work, and the Lewisville City Council is not happy.

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I wasn't in the restaurant at the time of the ABC event, but the people complaining were saying that several of the girls wore body paint as their attire of choice. Now I understand an ABC day, I have seen everything from girls wearing beer pong balls and bud light boxes. You still should be wearing something, most people do not consider paint an outfit.

The city council voted to change an ordinance so that it's now illegal for women to cover their breasts with just body paint, according to KDFW. A woman at Monday night's council meeting voiced her concerns.

"We're quite shocked to see these young ladies weren't dressed," Catherine Holliday said. "They had very scant bottoms on and their tops were painted. It's a restaurant that's between two family restaurants."

This is all I'm going to say:  if you're going to these types of restaurants, you should know what your walking in to. I seriously may have to start looking up what type of theme it is before I go in. Nothing worse than finally talking your girlfriend into going to Hooters with you and its lingerie day. Yes that did happen and yes there was a fight on the way home.

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Redneck Heaven Lewisville Facebook

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