It's the annual tradition for the Texas Rangers every January and Wichita Falls is lucky enough to get a stop once again.

If you don't know what the Winter Caravan is, it's basically a meet and greet with some of your favorite Texas Rangers. It can be current players, coaches and even former Texas Rangers greats. This is always a completely free event. Snag a quick photo and get an autograph.

Texas Rangers Photo Day
Getty Images

Autographs are limited to a few items since they're only there for a short time. So don't bring fifty things for them to sign. This year's Winter Caravan stop in Wichita Falls will be at the Whataburger at 2725 Southwest Parkway from 4PM to 5PM (January 10,2020). Catcher Jose Trevino and hitting coach Luis Ortiz are scheduled to be there. I would recommend getting there early if you want to be a part of the fun.

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