So the Texas Rangers city connect jerseys are...interesting.

Texas Rangers City Connect Jersey

So the Texas Rangers unveiled their first ever city connect jersey this week and it appears to be mostly hated by the fanbase. I think the white jersey is pretty meh, but when you read the history behind it. It is kind of interesting. I will admit, if I were a Rangers fan I would get the hat. I think that looks pretty sweet. However, the internet is not being too kind to 'The Peagle'.

Yeah, it does feel like Napoleon Dynamite created this mythical creature for the Texas Rangers. It combine two old Dallas/Fort Worth baseball teams and from what I am seeing you either love 'The Peagle' or HATE 'The Peagle'. The Rangers are apparently selling merchandise with just 'The Peagle' on it, when on the jersey it's just on the sleeve.

Peagle Sweatshirt

Story Behind Dallas/Fort Worth Baseball BEFORE The Rangers

If you're interested in more Dallas/Fort Worth baseball history. The Rangers shared this video above on the history of baseball before the Texas Rangers. If you want to go to a game where the Rangers will be rocking these uniforms the full schedule is below. The first game is actually tomorrow.

Full Peagle (Excuse Me) City Connect Texas Rangers Schedule

    • Friday, April 21 vs. Oakland Athletics
    • Saturday, April 22 vs. Oakland Athletics
    • Friday, April 28 vs. New York Yankees
    • Friday, May 19 vs. Colorado Rockies
    • Friday, June 2 vs. Seattle Mariners
    • Friday, June 16 vs. Toronto Blue Jays
    • Friday, June 30 vs. Houston Astros
    • Friday, July 14 vs. Cleveland Guardians
    • Friday, July 21 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
    • Friday, Aug. 4 vs. Miami Marlins
    • Friday, Aug. 18 vs. Milwaukee Brewers
    • Friday, Sept. 1 vs. Minnesota Twins
    • Friday, Sept. 8 vs. Oakland Athletics
    • Friday, Sept. 22 vs. Seattle Mariners

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