New food safety inspections were done in every MLB ballpark and they're not good for a lot of teams. 

We all know restaurants get inspected to the cleanliness of their work area. These inspections also happen in the kitchens of your major league ballparks. I think we all enjoy food when we go to a game. Even though they charge out the butt for everything there. Five dollars for a pretzel, get out of here.

The rankings go into total violations and critical violations. Critical means this is an issue that should be resolved immediately for the safety of fans enjoying the food. The two Texas teams are on two completely different sides of the list.

The Houston Astros have actually one of the best stadiums in baseball. Third on the list. Total violations: 28 Critical violations: 9. Most of the issues in Houston were structural deficiencies, like floor tiles in need of fixing or doors that don’t close without some maneuvering. Critical violations included one stand that reused popcorn buckets and another with an inaccessible hand sink. Employees were also observed drinking from open cups in a food prep area. Info taken from Sports Illustrated.

The Texas Rangers rank near the bottom of baseball. Coming in at twenty on the list. Remember, MLB only has twenty-eight teams in the league. Total violations109 Critical violations: 43 A wide range of violations were observed in a mid-May inspection at Globe Life Park, but issues with holding temperatures, employee hygiene and sanitizer stood out. One employee was observed using a cell phone, before performing job duties without changing gloves or washing hands. Employees at two other food entities did not wash hands when changing tasks. A live roach was observed at one location, and the inspector required the workers to contact pest control. All info taken from Sports Illustrated.

As many of you know, I am a Baltimore Orioles fan. I am embarrassed as to where my team ranks on this list. Third worst! What the hell? All I can think about is how much food I used to eat in that stadium. Plus we have the most total violations in all of baseball at 264. Hey, the Orioles actually won something this year. Only 15 critical violations for comparison.

If you're curious to see where your favorite team ranks on the list. Check out the full article on Sports Illustrated. May make you think twice before getting that ballpark frank.

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