Here come the political ads, but I bet you have never seen one like this before.

I want you to imagine a stereotypical Texas political ad. Usually has someone on a horse, maybe in their pickup truck, or sitting on their front porch staring at a Texas sunset. Throw all of that out the window with this ad from Texas congressman Dan Crenshaw. He went Hollywood with his political ad.

It has "him" jumping out of a plane, something I can honestly say I have never seen in a political ad. Dan is basically Iron Man building his political 'Avengers throughout the four minute ad. I'm assuming this is only an online ad because I doubt this will ever air on television.


Other candidates make their appearances throughout the ad and they're here to help save Texas. If you want more info on this team, you can check it out for yourself. I don't think they could defeat Thanos, but maybe some hot button issues in our state they could handle.

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