If you recognize this person, you should contact the proper authorities immediately. 

Crazy that I am doing two road rage incidents today. We had one right here in Wichita Falls on Sunday. This one happened in Lancaster, Texas on I-35. Victoria Best captured the video of this man on Friday. She started recording because the guy continued to slam on his brakes in front of her. She was worried he was trying to cause an accident she told WFAA.

She didn't call police until she got to work and they asked if she got his license plate. She reviewed the video and that is when she found a scary sight. The man was pointing a gun at her when she passed him at one point. She said she started crying when she saw that in the video because she doesn't know what could have happened.

Victoria did not get his license plate, but police believe he is driving a 2016 Nissan Versa. If you recognize this gentleman, please contact the Lancaster Police Department.

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