We live in Wichita Falls! Traffic is never bad enough that you need to pull a gun out on someone. 

I am amazed everytime we have a road rage story in our town. That's one of the best things about living here in Wichita Falls. The traffic and by that I mean no traffic. I would hate to see these people living in DFW and dealing with I-35 every day. No way their brains could handle that.

On Sunday Clinton Thompson could not contain his road rage. The incident began on FM 1954. Thompson allegedly began flipping off and using profanity at another driver. No word on what this driver did to get Thompson so fuming mad. The driver continued on to Sisk Rd and Southwest Parkway. At this point, the driver wanted to get away from Thompson.

So he slowed down and allowed him to pass. Once on Southwest Parkway, Thompson slammed on his brakes forcing the driver behind him to do the same. Thompson alledgedly exited his vehicle and came to the victim's window pointing a gun at their face. The victim called the police and Thompson returned to his car to drive off.

Officers were able to locate a loaded handgun inside Thompson’s vehicle.  Thompson was placed into custody and transported to the Wichita County jail where he was charged with aggravated assault.

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