Bible belt you say? Not according to this survey.

Congratulations Texas, you only lost to Nevada. Yes, the state that is literally home to Sin City, we come in right behind them. So they broke it down basically by the seven deadly sins. Congratulations once again Texas, you're the most lustful state in the country. Other sins the state ranked in the top ten for were jealousy, coming in at eight. Also, vanity at sixth in the country.

Source: WalletHub

What about our neighbors to the north in Oklahoma? They come in way further down the list as the 24th most sinful state in the country. Oklahoma only ranked in the top ten for one of the seven deadly sins, greed. They actually rank pretty high as well being the second most greedy state in the country. Only losing to, you guessed it, Nevada. If you want to check out the full survey, see it here.

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