We all have that crazy ex in our lives. Hopefully they never tried to do anything close to this.

Looks like over in Amarillo, Texas a woman no longer has to worry about her ex boyfriend ruining her life. Back in April of 2021, David Holland attempted to set his ex-girlfriend's trailer on fire. He dumped gasoline around the property and all over the front door. The woman was alerted by a security camera that someone was going around the property.


She yelled out to him before he could light the gas, but he did flee and fired nine shots from a handgun at the trailer. All very serious charges that would get someone some very serious time. Our story does not end here. One week later, David returned to set that fire. He re-poured gasoline all over the property once again and this time did light it.

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Luckily no one would be injured because a neighbor just happened to be coming up the road shortly after and put the fire out. This was all caught on video on both occasions and was used during court proceedings this week. Apparently after this, David was pulled over for a traffic violation and took police on a high speed chase.


He tried to throw his gun out the window during the chase, but a witness turned it over to police later that night when they found it. Police had to use a spike strip to stop David's vehicle. A jury found David guilty on all his charges and it looks like the judge threw the book at him.


He was sentenced to 99 years for Arson with a Deadly Weapon, 80 years on Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, 20 years for Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Felon & 5 years for Evading Arrest with a Vehicle. Putting a grand total of 204 years for David Holland. Don't know what this ex did to him to get him so pissed off, but doubt it is worth spending the rest of your life locked up.

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